【Official】Futaritowani En(En)

Futaritowani En

I want them to think of each other, create memories of their lives and deepen their relationship.
Such thought overflows. "Futaritowani En"

It boasts a great location overlooking the Mt Fuji in Suruga Bay over.
10 buildings with open-air baths, all created only for two people.
Each tasteful room will entertain you no matter how many times you visit.

The eyelids are brilliant in the eyes and show the skill of craftsmen.
Suruga the fresh seafood of the Suruga Sea and the seasonal tastes of the Izu mountains.
Please enjoy the delicate taste.

The well-known hot springs of Toi that relieve the fatigue of your trip.
Enjoy a blissful time bathing while looking at Mt Fuji.

With lovers, couples, and friends.
Engrave a loved one with loved ones and “only two”.
"Futaritowani En" will welcome you.

Room with open-air bath

  • Room D type “Yumenidakarete”

    Suite between 2 with private outdoor bath
    The room is equipped with floor heating.There is an open-air bath of hinoki over 180 cm in diameter.Room with spacious terrace.
    Mt Fuji and Suruga Bay Two sunset occupancy Private outdoor bath with separate away promises special holiday only for two people
    ※This room type is semi- barrier-free.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Futaritowani En


1341-4 Koshimoda, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number

0558-98-1692 ( 9:00 - 17:00 )


About 75 minutes by car from Tomei Numazu IC on National Route 1 to Route 136.

※Car navigation system dedicated phone number: 0558-99-1600
 If the car navigation is not displayed with this number because it is still a new inn,
 Nishiizu Ophthalmology Clinic Phone Number:0558-99-0400
 Please enter in the car navigation system.
 This facility is located right next to the Nishiizu Ophthalmology Clinic.
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