2. Hot Springs

Hot Springs

  • Taste hot springs

    There is a terrace with an exclusive outdoor bath that wants the sunset of Mt Fuji and Suruga Bay all the buildings,
    In the evening I would like to look at the stars full of stars, with Taisetsunahito forever.
  • Toi Onsen

    Toi Onsen is the oldest Toi Onsen in Nishiizu, the "Mabu-yu" discovered in the Edo (time period) is beginning.Toi Onsen is a gentle fountain quality to the skin, you can care for the skin with Toi Onsen.The efficacy of Toi Onsen spring is a hot spring that heals the body in various ways, including neuralgia / muscle pain / fatigue recovery / health promotion and so on.Please enjoy Toi Onsen while watching Mt Fuji and evening scenery in the bath.
  • Guest room open-air bath one example

  • Guest room open-air bath one example

Hot spring information list

Hot Springs

Toi Onsen

Private outdoor bath

Open-air bath for customers in the room

Bath Terms of Use

As there are private outdoor hot springs in all rooms, there is no public bath.
Because the private outdoor bath in the room is very spacious with a size of 180 cm or more, you can enjoy the moment of the hot spring sufficiently

Onsen tax

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.

Hot Spring Qualities

Calcium sodium sulfate chloride chloride fountain


Neuralgia · Muscle pain · Arthralgia · Frozen shoulder · Motion paralysis · Joint stiffness · Stiffness · Join · Chronic digestive organ disease · Coldness · Recovery period after illness · Recovery of fatigue · Health promotion etc.