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Hotel Name

Futaritowani En


Shizuoka prefecture Izu City Kodoshida 1341-4

Telephone number



About 75 minutes by car from Route 136 Highway 1 to Route 136 from Tomei Numazu IC.

※Car navigation system dedicated phone number: 0558-99-1600
 If the car navigation is not displayed with this number because it is still a new inn,
 Nishiizu Eye Clinic Phone Number: 0558-99-0400
 Please enter in the car navigation system.
 This facility is right next to the Nishiizu Eye Clinic.
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Tokyo

  • Guests arriving by car

    Time required, About 75 minutes
  • Guests arriving by train

    JR Mishima Station ⇒ Shuzenji Station, ···, Izakabane Railway, Half an hour
    Shuzenji ⇒ Fujimi garden, ···, Tokai bus, About 64 minutes
    Fujimi-en Garden ⇒ Futaritowani En, · · ·, A short walk from the bus stop

    ※Fujimi Bridge, there is a bus stop with a name similar such as Fuji Kendai.
     Please check the “Fujimi-en” bus stop.
  • Customers coming by car ferry

    Shimizu Port ⇒ Toi Port, ···, Suruga Bay Car Ferry, About 65 minutes
    Toi port ⇒ Futaritowani En, ..., car, About 10 minutes