2. Cuisine


Delicate delicacy of Izu

Fresh seafood raised from the sea of Suruga, the taste of the season that the mountains of Izu bred.
Every season full of taste, various kinds of happiness are handed to a vivid meal with eyes of a craftsmanship.
Please enjoy the bustling evening with delicious delicacy.
  • Cooking course example

  • Main is sophisticated meat dish

  • Creative cuisine with exquisite delicacy of Japanese Spiny Lobster

  • Banquet begins with ornate appetizers

  • Dining Hall, "Musubi" (Wedding Plan)

    Enjoy relaxing the colors of the ocean and the sky that change with the time on a large terrace where you can enjoy the spectacular views of Suruga Bay Mt Fuji spreading in front of you.
  • Please enjoy the young chief chef's certain skill and hospitality cuisine.

    We try our best to eat more fresh ingredients of this area, which is blessed with seafood as well as mountaineering, more delicious.