2. Measures against new corona at this facility

Measures against new corona at this facility

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    This facility complies with the guidelines for dealing with the new coronavirus in accommodation facilities as part of the countermeasures against infectious diseases caused by the new coronavirus.
    Air purifiers are installed in all guest rooms, and alcohol disinfectant is installed in the lobby and dining entrance.
    In addition, when cleaning the guest rooms and this facility, hypochlorite water is used to disinfect the areas that are often touched by people when they are wiped.
    At the dining room, the table and chairs are disinfected with alcohol.
    We continue to call on the staff to thoroughly wash their hands and take measures.
    A mask will be used for cleaning, information, and restaurant service.
    In the lobby and dining room, some windows are opened for ventilation so that it is in a state of a screen door.
    In addition, the facility is sterilized, cleaned, and ventilated each time.

    We ask our customers to do the following:We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your cooperation.
    We would appreciate your cooperation in measuring body temperature when visiting the museum, wearing a mask in public spaces, and disinfecting your hands with alcohol.Also, please be careful about your physical condition.In some cases, such as when you have a fever, you may be asked to cooperate with the public health center to give instructions.

    We pray for the end of the situation, but we are taking measures to make your stay safe, secure and comfortable, so please understand.